Permaculture in Action

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Winter Greens

We are picking lots of lovely greens at the moment. The rain combined with warm days has led to rampant growth.
 This selection of goodness is typical of our large box today. 

The chickens are still not laying much, so just a few of the boxes have eggs. Maybe after the winter solstice things will pick up.

What would you cook for the week with this assortment. Stir fries, soups, quiches and salad?
Don't you just love winter greens?


  1. Yum!

    Lots of greens + cheese quiches happening at our place at the moment (although we are buying eggs - shouldn't I know, but my big girl likes quiche).

    Also love silverbeet cooked with a little garlic and butter - served with whatever's happening.

    Not too fussed about salads at this point in the year, so have been growing more green cooking-type veggies.

    I'm always trying to find more uses for celery. M seems to dislike it in anything add since we're not having many salads it can be tricky to use up...any suggestions?

    1. I only like celery cooked so I use it a lot in stir fries, fried rice, stews and soups. I love silverbeet cooked like that also.

  2. Looks very yummy! I can picture a lovely veggie slice:) We are very light on eggs as well. Waiting for that shortest day:)

  3. It all looks so yummy. I have been using silver beet for palaak paneer just lately ( an indian vegetarian dish) - one of those meals that uses lots of leafy greens and the kids will eat quite happily even though it is vegetarian.So I would make palak paneer with a little salad on the side ...and a few parsley leaves to garnish and maybe a fritter made with the eggs to mop up the palaak paneer.
    I think this is a great post because it will encourage people to cook with what they have -your CSI customers are so lucky !

    1. Thanks Kim, yes we love palak paneer also, but don't cook it much unless we are milking. But maybe if I can get some cheap milk I'll give it a go. My hope is to encourage people to find ways of eating seasonal food. It takes a little rethinking but once you get it life is so much easier, as I'm sure you know.

  4. I'd do up a herb soufflé with salad. It all looks healthy and delicious, Kate. I'd be very happy with a box like that.