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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All Aboard

A couple of weeks back my youngest daughter, Sarah, came up to meet her newest nephew. She spent a lovely week catching up with family and friends,but really loved the opportunity to reconnect with Evan and soak up as much of baby Atticus as she could...

And so, as the week came to an end, we all gathered to spend our last day with Sarah before she flew back home. Evan's mum thought it would be nice to take him on his first train ride, so we met up with Unkie Donk (ana Uncle Dom)

And Aunty Megs

and boarded the train.

                                Mummy sat opposite with baby Atticus in his Hugabub. We met up with Aunty Sars at the station and went to the park. even was doted on by all the grown ups and found that some one was always available to give him a swing.

or a ride on the seesaw.

Goodbye Aunty Sars, we miss you xxxx

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