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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Community Gardening

Mark and I have been members of the  Hunter Organic Growers Society (HOGS) for over a decade now. It's where we both met! I didn't come from a gardening background and needed some tips on how to grow food organically. What I got was very much that, but also some wonderful friendships.
Today HOGS held a Field Day at Kooragang City Farm which is a community garden in the Newcastle area.We took our WWOOFer along to have a look.

Beds protected from the wildlife

Here's Ern telling people about the grape vines.
 We first met Ern all those years ago when we became members of HOGS. He has been volunteering at City Farm for years and now leads the volunteers.

Harlequin bugs

We have visited the garden many times over the years.Today it certainly was looking it's very best . A credit to all their hard work. They have a team of 6 volunteers with Ern spending 3 days a week there.
Mark pruning the grape vines.

People were keen to pick up a few pruning tips and there were a number of "experts" there to show them how it was done.

The rain held off to provide us with a great day!


  1. It sounds like you live in a great area! I do wish more places would offer gardening places and help people who have never done gardening before. You have planted a seed in my mind for something around here. I have plenty of land so it just might work. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Kate,

    Had a lovely day yesterday. The gardens are very inspiring. The rain managed to keep away.
    I am enjoying reading your blog. Can't wait to visit your place!
    It's very wet here today. Have a great day


  3. Hi Tracey, you have me intrigued. Looking forward to hearing more, Kate