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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Snake Season

Another snake caught in our netting. This one, a red bellied black snake, was caught up last night but the rescue squad couldn't get out here til this morning. They told us to put him in a box and cover him with a wet cloth. Overnight he managed to get his mouth tangled up in it and looked to be in a terrible mess.

He was quite swollen around the mouth. We could see the tube used for breathing extended out into his mouth, quite enlarged. You can just see it.

While one handler, wearing special gloves, holds him tight, the other one snips off the netting. The black snake is more difficult to hold than the brown snake, which tends to lie quite still.


His jaws free at last....

and he takes a firm hold with his fangs.

Completely free now and already the swelling has gone down and he takes another bite! This snake was a lot more aggressive and feisty than the brown that was caught here last week. The brown lay still while the handlers cut him free. He did take a bite but not as aggressively as the black today.

We have seen at least 5 snakes on the farm so far. Usually that just slither away. We know they are there and just keep a watchful eye out for them. It is unfortunate they get caught in our nets, but if we don't net the garden beds the wild ducks get in and feast on the vegies.


  1. It's great that he found himself caught in your net instead of someone else's. My Dad used to kill red belly blacks when we were kids because he worried about us. I'm sure we would have been fine.

  2. EEK Im terrified of snakes, I just dont think I could of got that close to even take a picture

  3. We have had a large brown in our chook nesting box and a red belly under the house just the other day. Warwick also dug up a baby red belly in our mulch. They are definitely out and about right now.

  4. Fascinating but oh so scary! I spent the last two days whipper snipping our yard so we can see them if they come. I'm always scared they'll find a cosy spot in the kids cubby.

  5. Yikes, that's one unhappy snake.......I'm not a fan of snakes RBB and black snakes don't worry me so much as the browns. We had a brown visit us second day of Spring, not a particularly welcome sight, but a good reminder to keep an eye out for them.......

  6. Yes, he looks pretty feisty, but good reason to be, I guess.

    There sure are snakes about. We have to be so careful putting hands into nests collecting eggs, and watching out when the grandchildren are here.

  7. Have you looked into buying different netting? I remember Jerry-Colby-Williams talking about it on Gardening Australia - although it was to net fruit trees, but I'm guessing it would do veggies too.

    Good work getting him untangled though.

  8. No thanks, you wont get me that close to a live snake!

    We have a king brown hanging around here at the moment. The chooks let us know the other morning that he was about. He is looking nice and fat, so hopefully keeping the mice population down :)

  9. The poor little fellow.

    I use to be petrified of snakes (most critters, too) but have come to appreciate that they are part of the system.

  10. What a magnificent snake! His colouring is beautiful! Sad to see him so distressed, but really good you and the handlers were able to rescue him.